Museum in Huesca. Art´s Territory

The aim of the Beulas Foundation is to make the CDAN a leading centre on itineraries focusing on the study of contemporary art — to create a territory for art that is capable of generating an image of modern day Huesca and draw ing international attention thanks to its specialisation in distinctive subjects related to art and nature.

The starting point for the CDAN is a desire to identify this new public space as one with meaning – as a new civic milestone for the city and the autonomous community of Huesca; a public spaces that by virtue of the project it embodies and the way it is run can be seen as an indicator of urban quality, and therefore as a significant way of ensuring that new infrastructure generates value for citizens.

The Centro de Arte y Naturaleza offers a regular programme of activities that centre on its tw o major collections, nature, public space, artistic creation and contemporary culture, all with a strong emphasis on presenting new insights and perspectives. With a determination to set itself apart w hile reaching out to a broad audience, the CDAN w ill find its place in international netw orks that link artistic and cultural spaces by promoting both creative and management exchanges.

The CDAN – structured around the thematic axis of art and nature – is emerging as a living space that is open to the city of Huesca and visitors. The site as a whole is defined by a series of elements with a common identity: the plot donated by José Beulas and María Sarrate, where the artist currently make his home, with two buildings constructed in the 1960s (a house designed by Benosa and a studio by García de Paredes) and a garden that will be linked to the property where the CDAN is situated and a building designed by Rafael Moneo, which serves as the information and management centre. Together, this set of autonomous structures constitute an extension of the city’s public space.