The project

The ‘Art and Nature’ project, for which the province of Huesca provides the territorial framework, involves a series of actions aimed at studying and strengthening links between art and nature. The main focus of the project is on creating works of art in selected non-urban settings in Huesca. The project draws on experiences within the context of land art, public art and other diverse approaches that have used nature or the territory as a pretext for artistic creation.

A series of internationally acclaimed artists, carefully selected, as Richard Long, Ulrich Rückriem, Siah Armajani, Fernando Casás, David Nash, Alberto Carneiro and Per Kirkeby, have designed and constructed works conceived especially for specific sites in the landscape of Huesca. They were free to choose the sites for their works, subject only to the constraints imposed by the landscape itself and the budget available for each work. The installation aims to form an open collection, to speak of the relationship between art and nature, and, more generally, between art and the environment, and to draw attention to the diversity of landscape found in Huesca. The plan is to create between eight and ten works that form a coherent group and have enough drawing power to encourage visitors and members of the public to follow a route that will take them through the territory of Huesca.

The CDAN has promoted extensive debate on the intellectual plane with courses, publications, exhibitions, and a special emphasis on research. Drawing on the experience gained in implementing the Art and Nature project, the CDAN has offered a cycle of five annual courses (2006-2010) focusing on a more specific theme: landscape. The courses was aimed at analysing five areas in relation to the concept of landscape in order to more clearly define what landscape is and how it relates to thought, art, territory, history, and heritage.

Intervenciones en la provincia de Huesca

Richard Long
A Circle in Huesca, 1994
Maladeta. Huesca

Ulrich Rückriem
Siglo XX, 1995
20 estelas de granito rosa Porriño
Abiego. Huesca

Siah Armajani
Mesa de picnic para Huesca, 2000
Madera de iroco
Valle de Pineta. Huesca

Fernando Casás
Árboles como arqueología, 2003
Ermita de la Corona.
Piracés. Monegros. Huesca

David Nash
Three Sun Vessels for Huesca, 2005
Ermita de Santa Lucía. Berdún. Huesca

Alberto Carneiro
As árvores florescem em Huesca, 2006
Chopera de Belsué. Huesca

Per Kirkeby
Plan, 2009
Cabañera de la montaña. Plan. Huesca