Legacy of graphic work

This third block is made up of 42 works on paper. Twenty-eight of these paper-format works belong to the third legacy donation, made in 1993, and the remaining 16 were donated in 2005 to mark the opening of the CDAN.

Etchings, mixed techniques on paper, watercolours, tapestries, silk-screen prints, and drawings of varying quality– differing greatly in terms of their underlying intent, the processes involved, and the results achieved – make up the third block of the collection.

The lithograph by Francis Bacon is particularly spectacular given its content and the signature it bears, which confirms the authenticity of the work. The piece by Bacon provides a touch of modernity together with the etching by Antoni Tàpies, the silk screen print by Antonio Saura, and a number of draw ings by Miguel Condé and Huesca artists Vicente Badenes, Alberto Carrera and Enrique Torrijos. We also find paintings on paper by artists such as Lluís Saumells, Francisco Mateos, Miquel Planas, Modest Cuixart, Arturo Souto, Josep Guinovart and Agustín Redondela.

The roster is rounded off by a number of acclaimed artists with strong backgrounds: Benjamín Palencia, Arturo Pacheco Altamirano, Rafael Zabaleta, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Eduado Chillida, Hernández Pijuán, Roberto Matta and Oswaldo Guayasamín.

113 Guayasamin